Factory North

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We’ve long admired the talented designers and craftspeople of Hand-Eye Supply, so we were flattered and excited when they asked for our help to refresh their brand. We riffed on their creative outlook to collaborate and create an updated, reconsidered identity that is informed by institutional, educational and historic industrial design.

Hand-Eye Supply’s philosophy is admirable: every item in their shop needs to meet their high standards for utility, story, and design. Being picky has its benefits: everything they carry is practical, interesting, ethically-sourced and well made.

“Factory North developed a coherent vision for our brand, combining our organic in-house precedents with their own perspective and creative process. The result is both accurate and concrete, and allows us to express ourselves visually in a succinct way. It was a pleasure to work with them every step of the way.”

Tobias Berblinger
Operations manager at Hand-Eye Supply

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