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It’s an honor to get to work with a brand that has such a storied history and loyal following. The challenge was maintaining their longtime customers and deep connection with the local community while breathing new life into the brand. We’re confident that the results of our work will take Coffee Culture into the next decade.

“What Factory North helped us accomplish goes beyond the beautiful logos they created for us. They instilled a sense of excitement, rejuvenation and confidence in our business that exceeded our expectations. The brand experience they created for us gave our company a beautiful, cohesive look that we and our customers are proud to be a part of. They listened to our needs, which sometimes seemed endless, and were always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. They really understood our need for a refresh with the juxtaposition of a logo and look that felt established. We feel like they absolutely nailed it.”

Caitlin Blevins
Marketing manager at Coffee Culture

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