Factory North

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“We love the sweet smell of mash filling our drafty, WWII-era naval hangar early in the morning. We love feeling the warmth coming off the fermenting tanks as we go about our day. We love our rattling bottling line and our trusty, 130-gallon pilot still. The view of San Francisco from our out-of-the-way corner of the East Bay has given us the freedom to tinker with tradition. We love knowing the gamble we took on California wine grapes all those years back has paid off in a more interesting, complex and satisfying spirit. And that those same wine grapes are still helping support vineyard owners just a few miles up the road from where we stand. We love all the long days, late nights, wrong turns and leaps without a net we’ve taken over the years, for all the right directions they’ve pointed us in. And if any of what we’ve accomplished here has led curious minds and skilled hands in other out-of-the-way corners of the country to experiment with their own local ingredients, tastes and traditions, then we will know we left vodka a better spirit than we found it. This is our truth.”

Brand Narrative by Thread Creative

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